So far so good. Even better. You shouldn’t be dissapointed. Here we go (or will go):

We are so proud to be present in Frankfurt (Germany) on a Frankfurt Book Fair 2011, where Iceland is a Guest of Honour. Books and far more you can see between October 12th and 19th. Our book is also there – have a look! More info here.

October 12th is also the opening date of IS(not) exhibition in Galeria Szara in Cieszyn (Poland). We’ve never been so down South with our Icelandic Tales. You can witness this trip yourself – see more and more in 71st Notes na 6 tygodni (finally!).

If you are thnking what does Slovenia have to do with Polish/Icelandic cooperation, you should know that we have been chosen as ‘a sample’ by the PITIJA, svetovanje d.o.o. that is making a review / special monitoring of the Polish Cultural Exchange Fund, which was supported under Norwegian and EEA financial mechanisms. We hope that our Icelandic experience is going to help make all the programm easier and nicer and that we will have a chance to make a project on Iceland again.

Kołobrzeg (PL) is a nice town by the sea. Good place to talk about Iceland, missing it, project and tales. Why don’t you come for a nice Autumn weekend on a beach?
Regionalne Centrum Kultury, 29/10/2011, 6pm

Some people take Iceland for Ireland and the other way round. To finish with it we have been invited to show the IS(not) exhibition in Ireland in 2012. We will keep you posted about that.

Beautiful, busy Autumn, isn’t it?

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